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Explore the Connecticut River and it's Creeks
near the scenic village of Chester and watch time drift by.

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The Connecticut River from Haddam - summer morning
oil painting on nine linen canvases 24 x 270 inches unframed (scroll to the right to see the whole painting)
Leif Nilsson summer 1990 ©

An original oil painting of the Connecticut River from Haddam showing the Goodspeed Opera House and the Goodspeed Airport in the background with the Tom Sawyer paddle boat in the foreground by American Impressionist artist Leif Nilsson. This panorama oil painting is constructed of nine twentyfour by thirty inch panels connected together. Each canvas has a different painting on the reverse side and has been recycled by being dismounted, flipped, restretched and restapled to the stretcher bars and the blank unprimed linen sized with rabbitskin glue.
In the summer of 1990 a trash - to - energy - incinerator was proposed to be built where the present Tylerville Highway Garages are now. Garbage would be barged, railroaded and trucked to the facility. It was a perfect location from that perspective. I painted this view of the Connecticut River on nine recycled canvases to share the beauty of the river and to illustrate how it was being used by people for recreation. The incinerator would have ruined the natural beauty of this last great place. Seventeen years later some local fellows built The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station, a very private banquet, conference and catering center on the property. Steve Rocco came to me in the spring of 2007 to see if I had any interest in hanging paintings at the River House. I said I had a perfect piece, told him this story and learned that he was instrumental in stopping the project in 1990.




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