The Merchants of Chester
Faerie Sighting Reports
Attention all visitors and residents of Chester.

Evidence of Faeries has been found in front of stores in Chester Center. Some have been damaging window boxes and others have been making substantial improvements to the buildings they are occupying. A general "Occupy Chester" movement has been reported by some of our spys who have been intercepting pigeons carrying mail from the rooftop of the 4 Water Street Complex.
Be on the lookout for small piles of saw dust and other tell tale signs of their presence.

More stories and photos coming soon.
Stay tuned!

These handy faeries made use of matching window boxes and even set up nice stone stoops!

faerie faerie faerie

Photos by Caryn B Davis Photography


Well, the Faeries that have taken up residence in my window boxes at the Hammered Edge were VERY busy last night. They have finally decided to communicate. I found little hand and foot prints all over my computer, my desk, and they scattered my crystals all over the room. This is what they wrote.

"Greetings Kathryne of the clan of Bowen of the nation of Wales. We come to give regards from your human and Fae relatives there, none of whom you have met. We are here on holiday. We do not give our names to you just yet. We will say that like you, we are twin sisters of differing appearance.
We will accept offerings of wild feathers found in the wind and the grasses. Put them in the thimbles at our doors. Bells, glittering things and stones of pleasing shapes may be left for us. Our favorites are smiles, clapping, the knocking of knuckles on our doors and most of all the sound of singing voices. We consume these things like food without altering their physical aspect. Leave no food that you would eat, nor take the life of any plant for us.
We enjoyed your crystals and hope you like how we re- arranged them for you. Your computer is very large, we prefer a smaller one or we will write our notes on paper."

That's all they wrote. I also found traces of fermented honey on my track pad.... I will post more if and when it comes. I am off to find some feathers!

Kathryne at the Hammered Edge




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